Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What do I need to rent a sailing boat?

The prerequisites to hire a sailing boat in Greece are that two members of the crew must have a sailing license. 2

I want to rent a boat but I don t have a license

You have the chance to ask from the company that rents you the boat to hire a captain for as many days as you need. The cost is not significantly expensive as it is only 125e per day and many groups choose to do so because with a skipper on board you are relieved from the worry of controlling the boat and you can enjoy the sea. 3

Is it appropriate to go on holidays with children on board?

Absolutely! Holidays on a boat attract the interest of a lot of families with children even if they are still at a young age. Our boats have safety belts for kids so this keeps them safe on board. 4

Which days of the week can I start and finish my holidays?

Usually the renting of a boat starts on Saturday at 17:00 in the afternoon. The boat must return to its base by next Friday evening so that it can be delivered the following Saturday at 09:00 in the morning the latest, so that it can be checked, cleaned and ready for sail again. However there is always the chance to form your own holiday timetable according to the days for which you want to organise your holidays. 5

What should I bring with me for safety?

Absolutely nothing. All of our boats are fully equipped with all the necessary guiding and safety systems that are required. The only things that you will need are towels, sun tan oil, swimsuit, hat and a camera to save pictures from the best holidays of your life. 6

How safe is a sailing boat?

A sailing boat is the safest type of boat in relation to any other kind of boat that has been made. It does not sink and for this reason it is one of the unique boats that receive clearance to sail even if it is dangerous for the rest of the boats. All of our boats pass an annual safety inspection and quality check. 7

Why are holidays on a sailing boat different?

A sailing boat is a special and comfortable way to enjoy your holidays, simply unpack your bags and it will be like living in house in the sea. With the sailing boat you have the chance to visit wonderful greek islands and dock at their ports, walk along the beach, swim in the water, experience traditional and local customs, visit scenic walkways with shops and take pictures or record videos of your wonderful holidays. In the end of the day you can return to the boat and relax without being concerned about matters such as food or accommodation. The only thing that should worry you is which will be the island to visit the next day. With a sailing boat one thing is sure that during your cruise you will have the opportunity to visit a lot of greek tourist resorts, beaches and bars that can be visited only by sea. 8

What do I need to have with me?

We suggest you carry a bag or travel bag (suitcases are not practical on board), a sleeping bag, sheets, pillow cases (there are clear sheets, pillows, towels and blankets on board), sneakers, and warm clothing in case weather changes (if possible), sunscreen, swimwear, shorts, hat, t-shirts, towel, as well as some clothes for your night outings on the islands. In terms of tanning lotions, creams and emulsions are preferred because the oils make the deck many times slippery and this can be dangerous. It is advisable to carry with you what is necessary, as the luggage space on the ship is limited.